CoAT CoVid Safety Plan


Before each CoAT Course:

Marjorie Haynes RMT will send out the CoVid Self Assessment Form and ask Participants to fill out the assessment and communicate the result to Marjorie before registration and assure the participant that Marjorie has also completed the CoVid self assessment.

Marjorie will confirm receipt of the assessment and proceed with registration on the first night of the course. If the participant is not well, Marjorie will:

-assure the participant there is no cancellation fee for illness.

-advise the participant not to attend another course for 2 weeks past the last symptom or contact.

-assure the participant to follow the guidelines given in the Self Assessment CoVid scan.


Before arrival at the Open Door Centre for Healing Arts ( the CoAT Course Venue) Marjorie will disinfect:

-floors washed with approved disinfectant against CoVid-19

-the floors also treated by steam cleaning

-clean and disinfect the dedicated bathroom

-the non touch soap dispenser in bathroom

-the hand towel dispenser in bathroom

-the garbage can

-the teaching area, massage tables, pillows, bathroom, desk, chairs, tables, doors and all contact points.

-clean all surface areas covered with oil cloth

-the coat room area and mark distance between coat hooks for social distancing

-between each day of the course Marjorie will repeat the disinfection protocol the same as arrival.

-Marjorie will wash her hands before and after touching surfaces


Upon arrival and entering the Open Door Centre for Healing Arts ( the CoAT Course Venue) Marjorie will ask the participant  to:

-wear a mask

-please remove outdoor shoes

-disinfect or wash hands upon entry

-orient participant to designated space for social distance during the course

-ask participant to keep a dedicated space during the weekend for keeping notes and storing personal items

-eating food is permitted only in the participant’s designated personal space

-please bring own water container

-please bring own sheets, blankets and pillows

-please bring warm slippers or indoor shoes


CoAT CoVid Safety Plan


During Course participants will be asked to

-wash hands before and after treatment exchanges

- wear mask

-maintain social distance during lectures

-respect one another with compassion and care to provide a safe and healthy environment for all



Open Door Centre
For Healing Arts
Unit 4 – 14885 60th Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1R8