CoAT CoVid Procedures IV


Safety Maintenance of Open Door Centre for Healing Arts, Sept 14, 2021


HVAC system is maintained regularly with clean filters and upgrades

-HVAC system will remain on during course for fresh air circulation


Fire Inspection is maintained and current

-All emergency lights are working properly

-Fire extinguishers are inspected up to date, and functioning

-Exit doors are clear


BC Worksafe measures are in place

-Maximum number of 8 people allowed at one time.

-Fire inspection is current

-Liability Insurance is current

-In person work training is permitted where distance learning is not adequate


September 2, 2021 Public Health Order regarding Mandatory Masks in Public Spaces:



-Sign is posted on entrance to the Open Door Centre for Healing Arts stating that masks are  mandatory.


Exemptions of use of face coverings

Section 3

(f) while the visitor is consuming food or drink at a location designated for those purposes by the operator of the indoor public space or post secondary space and while seated.

( j ) the visitor delivering a presentation or lecture, if

(i) there is a distance of two meters separating the visitor and the person attending the presentation or lecture



Open Door Centre
For Healing Arts
Unit 4 – 14885 60th Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1R8