Protean Fascia November 4,5,6

Protean Fascia
2022-11-04 - 2022-11-06


According to The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary, Protean (not to be confused with protein) is a term that means:

Protean pro·te·an (prō'tē-ən, prō-tē'-) 


      “Readily taking on varied shapes, forms, or meanings.” (1) 1590s, from Greek Proteus, sea god (son of Oceanus and Tethys) who could change his form; his name is literally “first,” from protos ‘first.’”


Poseidon, ruler of the sea had a brother named Proteus who held all knowledge and would change into any shape or form in order to protect himself from being forced to answer questions. So the only way to trick Proteus into giving up his knowledge was to sneak up behind him, quickly grab him and not let him go as he changed into all manner of frightening shapes and forms. If the captor did not let go, then Proteus would surrender to answer any question the captor asked. 


This is the best description of fascial release through CoAT.  Fascia changes form to protect, and CoAT surrenders fascia to release and flow.


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